Over 50 delicious ways to introduce easy family-friendly dinners into your busy life.

The Easy Dinner Cookbook

Chef Emery

More than 50 delicious ways to introduce easy, family-friendly dinners into your life

A busy schedule can leave you feeling like there’s no time to make home-cooked meals. The Easy Dinner Cookbook helps you easily fit dinner into your day―even the hectic ones. Based on stress-free cooking methods, these delicious recipes for main dishes will result in tasty dinners everyone will love.

With a bevy of simple sides and helpful tips at your disposal, plus intel on optimizing your freezer and leftovers, you’ll feel more excited than ever to get in the kitchen and start cooking with this easy cookbook!

This easy cookbook for dinner includes:

  • Swift and scrumptious―All 60 recipes in this easy cookbook rely on whole foods and natural ingredients―many require less than 30 minutes to make.
  • Cook with efficiency―Learn how to shop smarter and make the most of your ingredients.
  • Mix it up―Follow the recipe tips in this easy cookbook for inventive variations, pairing options, and ideas for leftovers.

Make time for a delicious family dinner with this impressive, easy cookbook.